I am teaching in the BA, MA, and PhD programs of political science at the University of Innsbruck (you can access the course catalogue here) as well as in study programs at the Vienna School of International Studies (Diplomatische Akademie Wien). In these programs I am offering introductory IR courses, advanced IR courses (in particular on order in world politics), advanced courses on academic writing, and simulations.

In my teaching, I am committed to experimenting with new ideas and didactic tools. With my BA-students, for example, I am currently working on a board game that seeks to educate players on factors influencing nuclear proliferation and on the development of international institutions to contain nuclear proliferation (see the project web-page for more details). With my MA-students, I have recently published an edited book on different forms of order in contemporary world politics (in German, open access, available here).

I am also supervising BA- and MA-theses as well as PhD projects. Ongoing PhD projects, in which I am first or second supervisor, are:

One PhD-project under my supervision was finished in 2022: